Breaking a Mold That Shouldn’t Exist: Elizabeth’s Story

Written by Morgan McGrath I stretch my sports bra over my head and break out into the weird dance that is trying to flatten a not-so-flat chest. This is my hell. I cannot breathe. I snap it into place and a small part of me dies, knowing that I will inevitably jiggle out the side […]

From a Peasant to a Prince: Anmar’s Story

Written by Jordan Siskind-Weiss If I mess up here, I’m letting my many selves down; all of the past Anmars. The one who survived and surpassed. The Anmar who went from being in a gang, to being a star student. Who didn’t sleep through his junior year. That Anmar, he will be let down. I […]

The Perfect Façade

An anonymous story Every week, I meet with a small circle of fellow students. We gather in the counseling center, each of us hoping to share the load our bereavement, to find meaning in our collective hurt. In a stroke of the morbid humor that is the product of loss without reason, we’ve come to […]

“It Takes Some Cold to Know the Sun”

An anonymous story Roughly 40 million Americans, eighteen and older, are affected by anxiety disorders. Mental health is a huge problem, even on Davidson’s campus, and it’s not talked about. If I could, I would tell my story to everybody because it is a very important story to tell. I would tell it myself, but […]

An Unspoken Issue

An anonymous story Little did I know that, in joining a campus sprawling with individuals that seemed to have attained the ideal balance of being good students and supportive friends and romantic partners, I was now subject to the pressures that they felt to always present themselves as put together. The stigma that one had […]